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Diabolocom  is  a French contact centre technology solutions provider. Well established in mainland Europe, Diabolocom is looking to expand its offering to the UK, but it has little to no current footprint in the market. Five Zero has been helping to introduce Diabolocom to the key trade titles, talking generally around customer experience as well as more specific comment on the call centre industry. Alongside media relations, analysts relations is another key element of the campaign, and a number of briefings have been set up, ensuring senior executives get in front of important industry analysts.



Besedo is a Swedish content moderation specialist. It uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human expertise to identify criminal, fraudulent or offensive User Generated Content (content added to a site by a customer/member of the public). It had little to no footprint in the UK and US and therefore engaged Five Zero to quickly raise its profile in both markets using thought leadership and issue based content in key titles across business, national, vertical and trade. Five Zero identified key trends to create fresh content as well as repurposing content already used in Sweden securing immediate results.



Norway-based GDPR software specialist ICONFIRM had no presence in the UK, and turned to Five Zero to quickly establish it as a trusted brand across its key verticals and with potential partners.

Its GDPR solution allows companies to offer data subjects an easy way of managing their data, in-line with the GDPR regulations.

There are two key elements to the campaign: firstly position ICONFIRM as a trusted expert that puts the data subject at the heart of its solution and secondly increase its reputation with potential partners. Five Zero is working with key vertical and trade titles to raise ICONFIRM’s presence, introducing the company and its senior spokespeople to influential industry analysts as well as undertaking a campaign with the channel press, to help secure partners.



Nexus OS is an Exeter based IT solutions provider. Nexus has a number of solutions including Unified Communications, cloud, and network infrastructure. It brought Five Zero in to support its small marketing team with content creation and media relations.

Five Zero is working closely with the Nexus team to ensure that the media and content campaigns are in-line with the wider marketing and sales strategies. Creating content that is compelling whilst positioning Nexus as an expert in the core sectors is a crucial element of the campaign. This content is used throughout the marketing and sales mix.

Nexus OS


Good Growth is an Exeter based digital specialist helping some of the largest brands in the world better align their digital strategy with the needs of their customers and ensuring budget is spent wisely.

Media relations is a key element especially high-profile business and vertical press. Awards entries are also important for Good Growth, with Five Zero identifying, drafting and submitting awards entries for national business, marketing and digital awards. Five Zero also helped Good Growth with its brand identity and storytelling to ensure the company is reaching the right audience, with the right messages at the right time.

Good Growth


WiFi SPARK  is an Exeter-based WiFi and analytics specialist. Five Zero is working with the team to increase its profile across  national, business and tech trade titles. Vertical sectors are crucial too, with Five Zero creating compelling content for a variety of sectors including public sector, healthcare, and retail titles. 

Analyst relations is  another big part of the campaign, with Five Zero helping WiFi SPARK get in front of some of the key influencers from Gartner, Forrester, Bloor and TechMarketView. This has led to multiple briefings, inclusion in industry reports and direct new business opportunities. Five Zero is also working with the WiFi SPARK team to secure and draft case studies for use across the marketing and sales mix.

Five Zero is working with the team to increase its profile across the national, business and tech trade titles. Verticals sectors are crucial too, with Five Zero creating compelling content for healthcare, retail and public sectors.


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