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Engaging content is only valuable to your business when it is being heard. Communicating your story to key audiences in the most appropriate outlets at the right time helps to position your brand in your sector, building your company reputation above and beyond that of your competitors.

Five Zero has well established trusted relationships with media contacts across technology, business, national, consumer and vertical sector media. Whether it be newspaper, radio, television, website or magazine, we identify the best media opportunities and outlets for your business and create the stories that will make you stand out from the crowd.

We don’t just look for any media coverage but target the right audience to achieve maximum impact, strategically placing your business in front of key decision makers in your sector.

At Five Zero we are results driven. We work hard to promote your company vision through well considered, effective media relations, immersing ourselves in your business to fully appreciate the key issues within your sector and delivering engaging and informative content to the media at the right moment

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