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Content Creation

Five Zero has an expert team of content writers who deliver high-quality, original copy across a range of disciplines.

With the ability to understand who your target audience is and how to reach them, we create targeted content that is relevant to them and what they want to read.

Whether it’s a bylined article, news release, press pack, white paper, brochure, blog or Twitter copy, Five Zero provides a unique take on your news. We craft succinct, intelligently written content which takes into account industry trends, competitor analysis and SEO in order to give you an edge. 

Every article with your name on it should be original – it’s your reputation. Five Zero has a proven track record of writing and placing original content in high-end, tier-one publications such as Forbes, CNBC, Engineering and Technology (E&T) and Utility Week.


We specialise in drafting content that launches clients, products and services into the market, using copy to raise  brand awareness and to provide a steady drumbeat in the media. Five Zero provides content writing services as part of wider campaigns and standalone writing jobs. If you need a different perspective on your company or product, why not stop by and see what we can do.

Media Relations

Engaging content is only valuable to your business when it is being heard. Communicating your story to key audiences in the most appropriate outlets at the right time helps to position your brand in your sector, building your company reputation above and beyond that of your competitors.


Five Zero has well established trust relationships with media contacts across technology, business, national, consumer and vertical sector media. Whether it be newspaper, radio, television, website or magazine, we identify the best media opportunities and outlets for your business and create the stories that will make you stand out from the crowd.


We don’t just look for any media coverage but target the right audience to achieve maximum impact, strategically placing your business on front of key decision makers in your sector.


At Five Zero we are results driven. We work hard to promote your company vision through well considered, effective media relations, immersing ourselves in your business to fully appreciate the key issues within your sector and delivering engaging and informative content to the media at the right moment.

Analyst Relations

The technology sector analysts are a powerful group of influencers charged with studying the market and its players. We have a close relationship with all the major analysts and are usually able to get our clients an audience with them.

Story Telling

Every business has a unique story to tell. At Five Zero we help clients to shape their story into a compelling narrative which will captivate their target audience and make them want to read the next chapter. It can be a struggle for businesses to be heard in the crowded technology market, leaving many brands feeling like a minor character when they should be the protagonist.


The team excels in making your business the star of the show, thoughtfully constructing a brand identity which communicates your passion, key themes and messages. We understand that every client has a distinct voice and tone and at Five Zero we put this at the heart of your story.


As a result, all our content creation and analyst relations reflect exactly who our clients are and what they want to achieve. By giving businesses the leading role, Five Zero elevate brands’ profiles amongst leading influencers and industry figures, creating a narrative which cannot be forgotten.

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