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The Five Zero Round-Up: five stories from the week

From Tommy Hilfiger’s Bluetooth clothing range to the soaring UK heatwave temperatures, the week has not been short of surprising news:

1. Britain becomes hottest country in Europe

British people do love to talk about the weather and the UK heatwave has certainly provided ample room for discussion. On Thursday temperatures reached fever-pitch, quite literally, with highs of 35C in some parts of the country: making Britain the hottest destination in Europe. Whilst many people have been enjoying the sunshine it has also caused widespread disruption on railways, long queues in A&E and grass fires in parks. Friday is predicted to be the hottest day on record.

2. Unemployed and on Facebook- are the two mutually exclusive?

Research from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania published this week suggests that unemployed individuals are more likely to consider closing their Facebook accounts. The study also revealed that younger people and unmarried users are more likely to consider deactivating their accounts. The study highlights further user insights on how age, income, gender, race and weight impact a person’s likelihood to open or close an account and/or consider closing one. It may be worth noting that the research was conducted prior to the Cambridge Analytica Scandal.

3. Tommy Hilfiger launches smart fashion

American designer Tommy Hilfiger is launching a new range of technology-powered clothing, Tommy Jeans Xplore, which is pushing the boundaries of customer loyalty. The smart clothing will include a Bluetooth device which tracks the wearer and offers reward points based on how often the clothes are worn. These points are collected via an app, where wearers can use their rewards for gift cards, merchandise and even concert tickets. The objective is to create more brand ambassadors through the Xplore range. However, criticisms have been raised over the exclusivity of the range and the designer’s use of wearers’ data.

4. Leaked memo causes Tesla shares to fall

This week Tesla saw its shares drop by nearly 5% after the Wall Street Journal published a memo made by the car manufacturer asking for refunds from certain suppliers. Tesla’s refund request for payments dating back to 2016 is causing alarm amongst analysts who already fear that the company’s financial performance is struggling. In the aftermath of the leak, founder Elon Musk and a release by Tesla reiterated that “negotiation” is common practice in procurement procedures.

5. Call for more NHS apps

On Wednesday the Health Secretary Matt Hancock discussed the need for greater digital innovation in the NHS with the use of apps. An NHS app which will give patients the ability to check personal health records and book appointments is due to be released by the end of the year. Such applications are intended to give patients greater control over their healthcare whilst streamlining workloads for NHS staff. While Hancock said there was “loads to do” with app development, many are unsure of user data security.

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