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The Five Zero Round-Up: five stories from the week

We are starting a new series on the blog where we will be rounding up five interesting stories that caught our eye during the week.

From the World Cup to Elon Musk’s feats of engineering, this week has not been short of astonishing news:

1. It’s coming home…

It would be impossible to round-up the week’s events without including England’s World Cup journey. The story of England’s success created a change in the British air with positivity and patriotism abound, although it was cut-short. Still, the public’s continued praise of the team is evidence that hope against expectation is a story to rally behind.

2. Facebook fined for Cambridge Analytica

The full cost of the Cambridge Analytica scandal emerged on Wednesday when the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) revealed Facebook’s £500,000 fine. The fine is a result of Facebook’s inability to protect user’s data which was collected through a personality quiz. The data breach potentially influenced the US elections and the ICO will now investigate the misuse of personal data in other political campaigns.

3. Twitter closes millions of accounts

Twitter is taking a stand against Fake News and abusive content on its platform by closing 70 million fake or suspicious accounts in recent months. Twitter has warned that users will experience drops in followers as a result. As Twitter’s Legal, Policy, Trust and Safety Lead, Vijaya Gadde, said the aim is to “make Twitter a more trusted service for public conversation”.

4. Elon Musk steps in with Thai cave rescue

Elon Musk played a part in the rescue mission of the 12 Thai boys and their coach trapped inside a cave after intense flooding. His role came about via an appeal from Twitter, and Musk used his engineering expertise to devise a submarine to help rescue the boys. Ultimately, the device was not used in the mission. Nevertheless, the efforts of other global experts and diving specialists was a great cross-border effort in a time of need.

5. AI intervention in Mental Health

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to dominate the headlines in almost every sector. This week brought more stories of the possible life-saving and cost-saving benefits AI will bring to Hospitals and clinics. Clinical Psychologists Daniel Freeman and Jason Freeman conducted research on the way Virtual Reality software might help patients with mental health issues, specifically phobias. They argue the software will help combat the shortage of mental health professionals.

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