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Five key ways PR can help international businesses break into the UK market

For international SMEs looking to enter the UK market, the process of building a reputation and winning loyal clients can seem daunting. As a new company with an exciting product, there is a wealth of potential clients to be won. However, this key revenue base can be obstructed by more established companies.

At this point, PR becomes an essential tool for smaller, international companies to help drive their business forwards and establish a credible reputation.

PR has the power to unlock the doors usually blocked by big players. We have outlined five ways PR can grow your brand’s influence, conveying your key messages in such a way that clients want to know more, and the size of your company will not matter.


Telling your brand’s unique story is fundamental to making a lasting impression on clients. This is particularly useful for smaller or international companies who find themselves struggling to stand out against larger competitors, who might have had the ‘starring-role’ in the narrative a little longer. PR will put your business in the hero-role.

PR builds a distinct story for the media which communicates your brand’s passion, core offering and messages. This is a story which can be translated across channels: from blogs to social media and newsletters- there is endless potential for your story to target different audiences. With smart ideas and the right messaging, it becomes impossible to ignore your brand.

Media exposure

Having a story to tell is an important first step. Exposing this story and your brand to the media is crucial to reach broader audiences. Decision makers do research before choosing a supplier and the media is still their first port of call. The media is an opportunity to discuss the issues which matter to customers, presenting your views from an unbiased, non-commercial perspective. An interesting thought-leadership article or a positive ranking in an analyst report shows potential clients that your brand is the expert in its field.

Analyst relations

Building a relationship with analysts can make a significant difference to a company’s profile. For international companies entering the UK market, analyst recommendation is vital in helping cement credibility. PR can put a company in front of the key influencers and analysts, arrange briefings which lead to inclusions in respected reports and results in new business leads. PR further ensures that this relationship is managed carefully over time so that a company always has this ultimate third-party endorsement.

Strategic content

‘Content is king’ is a well-known saying, and not without good reason. Content is indispensable for growing a brand’s reputation, however this content must be thoughtful, meaningful for customers and un-biased. For budding businesses positioning yourself as a thought-leader who understands the industry issues, and has a solution to help, will demonstrate that you are a trustworthy brand. With every key commercial issue identified you can create a wealth of content which can be used across multiple channels, increasing links, driving website traffic and SEO.

Who to target

PR helps businesses to pinpoint exactly who to target, highlighting the best influencers to engage with, what they want to know in the industry, and what issues they are facing. In this way, your business can place the most relevant content in the right channels, at the right time. This streamlined approach means your business is heard by the influencers and decision makers that matter, resulting in less unnecessary spending.

For smaller, international businesses launching in the UK market, growing your brand’s reputation and credibility is a must for big client wins. PR is the key to establishing a brand’s commercial goals and positioning a business as a thought-leader with an interesting story to tell. By combining the power of storytelling, strategic content, media exposure and analyst relations, great PR will ensure that your business is heard above the noise by clients.

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