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Tech PR Experts – We’ll get your story told


Five Zero is one of the only specialist tech PR firms in the South West. Our team has many years’ experience helping tech companies raise their profile in the UK and overseas with a combination of media and analyst relations, content creation and thought-leadership campaigns. We work with start-ups and global enterprises offering them the very specialist skills you need to stand out in the busy technology space.

Five Zero was launched in 2015 by two former London technology specialists Andrew Chatterton and Nick Band. The agency operates from Exeter and London.

Put simply, we get the media and other influential groups to spread the word about your organisation. We achieve this by creating a set of interesting stories about your business that will fire the imagination of your audience. Make them raise their hand to hear more or, even better, spend money with you.

Media Relations

We help clients get their commercial messages in the media using our extensive black book of journalists in the print, broadcast and digital media.

Analyst Relations

We have direct links with most of the big players in the world of industry analysis and can help bring your company to their attention.

Comms Strategy

We’re the people to come to for some serious communications advice. We can help overcome any reputation or brand challenges you may face.

Brand Narratives

We help clients understand their contribution to a broader society- where their brand fits in the bigger picture.

Words Unlimited

Our writers are used to shaping copy for websites, blogs, brochures, white papers and advertisements.


We have a crack team of specialist brand creatives who can create brand names and identities to help your business stand out.


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So if you are looking for a top-flight tech PR agency in The South West, give Andrew a call now 07855 524981 or send him an email.